We are a finance company specializing in the capitalization, investment and ownership of telecommunications, media, technology and entertainment assets. Within the entertainment sector, we seek to finance and own assets that are distributed across multiple platforms reaching a global audience including television, feature film, animation and digital media properties.


Struans Capital Partners’ advisory services facilitate transactions from early stage to IPO to divestiture. We provide Merchant Banking and Corporate Financial services (including debt and equity), M&A Advisory, Cross-Border Transactions, IPO Advisory, Valuation Analysis, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Services. We will also selectively invest capital, both for our own account and in conjunction with a select group of Family Offices and institutional investors associated with our firm whose growth characteristics and strategic objectives are consistent with our investment approach and philosophy.  We believe that acting as a principal alongside our clients’ interests can encourage and serve as a catalyst for future capital markets transactions that ultimately produce significant value for owners, managers and other stakeholders.

How We Work

Our management team has a deep understanding and appreciation for the needs of both the creative and investor side. We analyze and systematically approach each project with great emphasis on the integrity of the funding process, budget needs and project schedules.  Our goal is to provide a professional experience and timely outcome by applying proven strategies with years of applied investment and finance practices.

Where We Invest

We invest in Telecommunications, Media, Technology and Entertainment. Within our investment scope, we seek to invest in Entertainment assets including Development, Episodic, Film and Digital Media content which could include equity and debt components, gap/ mezzanine financing, print & advertising financing, and investment/acquisition capital for industry related opportunities throughout the media and entertainment value chain.

What We Believe

Our belief and mission is to be the premier leader in financing to the telecommunications, media, technology and the entertainment industry by holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, stewardship and professionalism

Investment Principles

Struans Capital Partners’ strategies adhere to three inter-related principles: Flexibility, Risk Management, and Transparency. Individually, each principle represents a smart approach to profitable asset identification and management. Collectively, they are a best-in-class strategic approach that allows us to successfully deploy capital and human resources in diverse conditions across the telecommunications, media, technology and entertainment investment sector.


We take great pride in our team in applying its expertise to pursue transactions in the telecommunications, media, technology, and entertainment sectors.  Because we focus on operational outcomes and are not exclusively focused on any one category, our management team has the freedom to seize the right opportunities.  Capital outlays are made on the basis of their own merit and whether they complement the overall fundamental principles of the firm’s overall objective.

Risk Management

We are deeply committed to protecting investors through comprehensive risk mitigation. Our business model is rooted in vigorous due diligence, strict compliance and the application of efficient, creative and customized deal structuring solutions. SCP-managed funds make conservative use of asset-level leverage and are diversified to avoid concentration in single sectors/projects of the telecommunications, media, technology and the entertainment business. Investments undergo rigorous project and valuation analysis and are constantly monitored by our operations and investment professionals.


We demand a culture of strong corporate governance and an unwavering commitment to financial and operational transparency and best practices.


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Struans Capital Partners, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Struans Media, Inc.